About Us

Welcome to The Lurking Quirk - home to the artwork of Heather Silver and Sarah Silver.

Identical twins and life-long best friends, these two make a wonderful and creative team - often bouncing quirky ideas back and forth with one another. The Lurking Quirk represents the sculptural and creative works of both Heather and Sarah Silver!

You may have also seen us under the name "Claymore Sculptures" on places such as Instagram and Etsy!


Sarah has been creating art most of her life but only began sculpting late in her teens. After taking a ceramics course at college for leisure, she dove head first into sculpting even more. Though she mostly works out of polymer clay, the continued stoneware work for college ceramics continues to evolve her sculpting style by leaps and bounds. Sarah often doodles some of her designs down, and Heather then works to turn them into lineart for stickers and other illustrations.  Beginning a creative sculptural business with her older twin sister Heather was a no-brainer, since Heather often encourages her to finish her dragon projects and keeps her on task!

Find out what Sarah is up to on Instagram - @ClaymoreSculptures


Ever since one fateful college ceramics course, Heather has been obsessed with creating whimsical and quirky hybrid animals - from the original and majestic Aqua Pig, to sculptures based off of mythical hybrid creatures like the chimera, manticore, and cockatrice. She also helps to create any additonal props for Sarah's dragons. Heather is also responsible for interpreting Sarah's sketchy doodles and creating the lineart work and base colors for Sarah to later shade and finish.