Large Pink Polymer Clay Dragon

Large Pink Polymer Clay Dragon

This dragon figurine was hand sculpted with from bright shimmery pink polymer clay- accented with teal blue for the underbelly. This dragon has brown spines that run down the back of this sculpture! The wing membranes are dusted with a muted blue mica powder to complement the underbelly. The set of horns were sculpted out of twisting bronze polymer clay. Beautiful golden flakes speckle this dragon's back!

Every dragon figurine has hand-painted glass eyes; this dragon has deep blue eyes.

This dragon sculpture measures about 4.5 inches by 5.5 inches and about 3.25 inches tall.

Please note that colors on the computer screen may appear slightly different for each screen, so the colors of the dragon may be slightly different in real life.

**Not Intended As A Toy**

If you have any questions about this dragon, please feel free to ask!