Snowflake Lindworm Christmas Ornament

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Snowflake Lindworm Christmas Ornament

These lindworm ornaments are sculpted from a pearl white polymer clay. Their horns are a dark muted blue. Each lindworm dragon ornament is also adorned with small snowflakes over their back! Small glass beads were used to create their eyes.

Each of these ornaments have a lovely little snowflake charm dangling from their hands - choose between a light blue or a dark blue crystal snowflake.

Each lindworm ornament measures about than 1.75 inches tall, and roughly 1.5 wide by .75 inches deep.

Though these lindworm ornaments are crafted using the same colors of clay and positioned in the same pose, each one is hand sculpted, so, each lindworm dragon will be slightly unique.

**Please note that colors on the computer screen may appear slightly different for each screen, so the colors of the ornament may be slightly different in real life.