Three Eyed Gray Spriteling - Resin Sculpture

Three Eyed Gray Spriteling - Resin Sculpture

***not a real plant - these are unique sculptures***

This lovely little spriteling (based off of mandrakes) is an original hand cast sculpture out of resin. The sculpture is hand painted to bring out the details! Hand painted glass eyes are added and secured, giving the sculpture an adorable expression of cuteness. The eyes, in this case, are purple - this spriteling even has three eyes!

Adorning this little spriteling's head is a faux plant - for this one, it is a flowering purple plant.

While these are resin casts, they are also hand painted with a lot of detail and love - which does mean that each one will look unique.

This sculpture measures 5.75 inches tall (including the the plant part), 1.75 inches wide (at the widest point on the body - this does not include the foliage), and 1.5 inches deep (also does not include the foliage over hang).

Please note that colors on the computer screen may appear slightly different for each screen, so the colors of the dragon may be slightly different in real life.

**Not Intended As A Toy**